Transition FAQ

1Why RecyCoal has been incorporated?
In 2022, it became apparent that RecyCoal could not achieve significant growth without substantial investment in the project. To realize the full potential of the project, you need members to work full time for the project and drive it forward. Based on the values of social entrepreneurship, we believe that sustainable change is best achieved when it is economically sustainable. This is why it was time for us to leave the non-profit framework of the Enactus network, but we remain committed to its values.
2What is RecyCoal now?
Since March 2023, Recycoal has been incorporated as a limited liability company under German law (GmbH).
3What is going to change in the future?
We are setting a new focus on the application of our biochar. Through our work in the last two years, especially with our partner Humission, we see great potential in the application of our biochar as Terra Preta. Terra Preta is a CO2-binding ecological soil amendment, which makes soils more resistant to drought and nutrient leaching. Currently, we are working on a highly scaled prototype and its certification to better serve the biochar demand for Terra Preta. We will keep you updated on our progress. For the time being, we will suspend the direct sale of biochar for cooking purposes, as we need to concentrate our efforts on producing high-quality biochar for our Terra Preta product.